Jersey-Greene County Intermodal Enterprise Zone Application Instructions

Thank you for your interest in the Jersey-Greene County Intermodal Enterprise Zone. The zone was created on October 16, 2017, expiring on December 31, 2032. The purpose of the Enterprise Zone is to promote economic growth, encourage economic development, create & retain jobs and reduce unemployment in the area.

Intermodal Enterprise Zone Application Instructions

The Enterprise Zone Application Packet Includes:

Enterprise Zone Fee Structure

Enterprise Zone Local Sales Tax Incentives

Enterprise Zone Verification Form

Enterprise Business Information Form

Local Building Permit Verification Form

Certificate for Sales Tax Exemption

Sub-Contractor Sales Tax Exemption Form

Download the Application

Steps to Submit an Enterprise Zone Application

First, obtain an application packet by contacting Shari Albrecht, Jersey-Greene EZ Administrator.

Submit the completed application for certification.

Submit the certification to obtain a building permit.

Submit the sales tax exemption form and building permit to Shari Albrecht, Jersey-Greene EZ Administrator.

Pay the EZ application fee.

The EZ Administrator will apply for sales tax exemption on your behalf.

The applicant is responsible to provide copies of the sales tax exemption certificate to retailers.

Reporting Instructions

Applicants are required to file reports with the Illinois Department of Revenue upon receiving Enterprise Zone incentives. Please visit the FAQ regarding the program.

Property Currently within the Enterprise Zone

An application fee of one half percent (0.5%) of the cost of building materials for new construction and renovation projects within the enterprise zone.

The fee is due at the time of certification of the project by the enterprise zone administrator.

No fee shall exceed $50,000.

Enterprise Zone Expansion

The Expansion Application fee includes a notice for public hearing, court reporter and dedication of staff time.

The application fee is $500 or not to exceed 0.5% of building material costs.

The developer is also required to provide a legal description of the proposed property added to the Enterprise Zone.

Please contact the Enterprise Zone Administrator to determine the legal description.

Sales Tax Deduction on Building Materials

Qualifying building materials used in projects in the Enterprise Zone are exempt from sales tax with a certificate from the Illinois Department of Revenue.

In the Jersey-Greene County Enterprise zone, you must have a certificate issued by IDOR prior to the start of construction to qualifying for any local incentives.

In order to receive EZ benefits, the Zone Administrator, prior to the start of construction, must certify all EZ projects. Building permits are required.

Obtain a Project Application Packet

Click here to view the contact information for the Jersey-Green County Intermodal Enterprise Zone Administrator and obtain a Project Application Packet.